A heartbeat, a flicker, a line

In light of all the anti-UKIP propaganda being shared on social media, I think it’s time to share my views on the party.

1. UKIP are not racist for wanting an immigration system similar to that of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. If this is the case then why don’t you broadly call those countries racist too?

2. It’s not wrong to want to preserve your culture. Maintaining your culture is the basis of every human rights convention on earth, but in Britain it’s somehow “racist”..? That’s not to say that multiculturalism can’t still exist, of course it can.

3. They opposed the same sex marriage bill, not because they are homophobic, but because it could force churches to do so against their will. The last time I remembered, free speech worked both ways.

4. The EU was a plan created by Nazi Germany, specifically by Walter Hallstein. He was chosen by the Nazi corporate interests to be the first EU commission president. The goal of the oil and drug interests then and now was the creation of a ‘European Central Office’, ie Brussels EU, with a junta of unelected cartel bureaucrats, ie. the European Commission, ruling over the people of Europe on behalf of global corporate interests.
Further information on this can be found here - http://www.relay-of-life.org/nazi-roots/chapter.html

Since then there have been countless cases of undemocratic actions from the EU. The implementation of the Lisbon treaty for example. Ireland (and many other countries) had a referendum on it and voted No to it being put into force, yet the commission would not take no for an answer and were going to carry on with ratification. After a heavy opposition from the European parliament, the commission pushed Ireland into having ANOTHER referendum on it, this time with a heavy media bias towards the Yes vote, and yes was the outcome.

And what about the EU and US militarist, expansionist foreign policy? Waging and provoking war, hand in hand with the US, with countries like Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon… The list goes on. They are increasing NATO membership in all EU countries, and now they push for Ukraine to have NATO membership, an obvious provocation for war with Russia. (what was the Pro-Euro uprising in Ukraine really about?)

It’s wrong to assume that nothing would have been achieved without the EU. All the worlds other trading blocs have been forging ahead concentrating on competition & trade, not political federation. Being an unwieldy, undemocratic & protectionist federation isn’t progress.

I don’t agree with their energy policy, totally opposing wind turbines is stupid in my eyes but we certainly cant solely rely on renewable energy at the moment.

PLEASE look into the points I have addressed in this post. Do YOUR OWN research, for too long people have relied on the mainstream media to feed them their information/ideals. Oh and please don’t call me a racist for supporting UKIP, that’s prejudice in itself.